Scooter exhaust repairs

With over 30 years in the industry we’ve had plenty of experience dealing with scooter and motorcycle exhausts,

Over the years we’ve built up a name for ourselves when it comes to scooter exhausts, including exhaust repair and one off specialist fully blown exhausts. So if you’re looking for more horse power and style , be sure to get in touch with Jahspeed Scooters.

With specialist knowledge in scooter racing, Jahspeed Scooters can also ensure that your scooter exhaust performs well on road or track.7

Vespa and Lambretta exhausts

If you own either a Vespa or a Lambretta, then our knowledge of their exhausts will be sure to please you. Whether it’s a repair for your lambretta or Vespa exhaust, or you’d like a specialist exhaust made and fitted, be sure to get in touch.

An array of exhaust services

• One off, fully blown expansion chamber
• Exhaust repair
• Vespa and Lambretta exhaust specialists
• Racing exhausts fitted and catered for

How else can we help you?

We also provide our customers with a range of scooter services, from repairs and restorations, to crank rebuilds and tuning. Click the links for more information.

For the best exhaust repairs and fitting, call Jahspeed Scooters on 07455 313 261 .