Restoring your run down VW campervan

Do you love a classic? Then be sure to it repaired by the best. At Jahspeed Scooters we skilfully restore beloved classic campervans to make them look and drive better than ever. From the exterior to the interior, under or over, we can weld and finish your camper and get it back on the road, We specialise in welding all parts and rebuilding bodywork or chassis Our VW campervan restoration process works both inside and out, to complete the look of both the engine and the body.

VW campervan repairs

Got a minor campervan ailment? We can help you fix it! With our knowledge of these beautiful machines we can fix and mend exhausts, engines and more. Just call us today to get a quote.

What we can do for you

• Beautiful VW campervan restorations • Minor and major VW campervan repairs • A friendly, caring service • Over 30 years of work in the business

What else can we do for you?

We cater for everything from VW campervans to Vespa and Lambretta scooters, if you want to get our expert skills on your machine, call us today.

01206 230 735 for VW campervan restorations and repairs.